Building the Ship Builder

It’s been really interesting coding the ship builder features.  It effectively turned into a paint program, so I’m drawing heavily from existing paint packages on the basis that most people will already know how to use them.  I want to make it as smooth and intuitive an experience as possible.

You can use a tablet to draw with, so artists can go wild.  I’m hoping we’ll see some really unique and beautiful ship designs being shared on the forum.

Coding-wise, I want to have a really solid foundation with the flexibility to support modding later down the line.  At the moment you can only build smallish ships up to half a mile long.  I hope to increase that up to 3 miles once I have optimised pathfinding in place.  Although the game is designed for smaller ships, I know that many players will want to build the largest vessel possible (I know you will because it’s the first thing I did).